Trick or treat? The Japanese Horror Secret Supper Club at Cottonopolis

Walking through a secret tunnel, the walls decked with overgrown ivy, we were greeted by an overly friendly, rather creepy gentleman dressed in a tailored suit and top hat, who appeared to be from the Victorian era.

“Welcome, welcome”, he said grinning from ear to ear, “I hope you’re ready for an eventful night.”

Welcome to the Japanese Horror Secret Supper Club. Let the games begin.

A long dining table created the room’s centerpiece, decorated with candles and a velvet, red and gold table runner. There were eerie photos of children on the walls, and old televisions stacked upon each other at the entrance.

Around thirty people were seated, all a little bit anxious, and totally unsure of what to expect. How scary could this actually be?

There was a real buzz of anticipation in the air, as we all waited for the evening to commence.


“Silence!”, the Victorian gentleman shouted sternly. “I would like to welcome you all here tonight, but make you aware – we are not alone.”

He pointed to the photo of a young boy on the wall named ‘Nico’, and before we knew it, we were entwined in a tale of dark mystery.

As the evening heated up, our dishes began to arrive. It was a six-course menu with a wine flight to compliment.

The food was incredible, each dish immaculately presented – with a taste to match.

During the evening, we were served Frogs Legs Katsu, with black garlic puree, chive oil, and smoked garlic. This was the second course on the menu, and although it may not sound like everyone’s cup of tea, it was truly delicious.

We heard the tale of ‘Nico’, a lost spirit who was murdered by his parents, looking for revenge.

This was better than a night at the theatre, and we were all really immersed in the show.


As the spooky entertainment continued, we were also served  Pan Roasted Brill with Kabocha and Squid Ink Ponzu. The brill was so soft and delicate it literally melted in our mouths. The sharp kick of the squid ink really gave this dish a punch, too.

Whilst this was a real treat, the tricks didn’t go amiss at this point of the night – as we were greeted by the evil spirit from horror movie ‘The Ring’ who seemingly popped out of a TV on the wall.

It’s a good job the fish was completely boneless, or else I would have choked.


As the evening got juicy, the meals got meatier – and next we were given Wagyu Steak with Claret Jus, Wasabi Asparagus, and Tomato Dashi.

The steak was faultless. Cooked to perfection. The whole dish worked incredibly well – and it’s just a shame they don’t serve this on the main menu.

More surprises popped up, too, from loud bangs on the walls, to creepy music playing in the background.

It really made the evening feel electric.


For dessert,  we had Spiced Red berries withwed  White Chocolate, Marshmellow and Shisho.

By this point I was completely stuffed – and we’d just been asked to do a group seance – which diverted my attention.

I did give it a go though, and I must say, the sweet and sharp combination of berries and chocolate had my tastebuds dancing on the table.

At around midnight, the evening drew to a close, and at this point everyone was feeling very full – and even a little tipsy from the wine.

The entertainment, the theatre, and of course, the food, was fantastic – and I’d highly recommend going to one of these events.

Cottonopolis will host another Secret Supper later in the summer, with a different theme and a new, delicious menu.

The whole night is priced at £45, however there’s also an option to include a drinks flight, which includes cocktails.

Keep an eye out – visit .