What to wear to a summer gig

I went to see Taylor Swift last night in Manchester. It was at the Etihad Stadium, which if you aren’t familiar with, is mostly an outdoor venue.

I had NO idea what to wear.


My friend and I planned to go to some bars after the gig, so I needed something that could fit the bill for two occasions.

If we weren’t going out, it would have been way easier – and jeans and a cool, slonan tee would have been my go-to choice.

It was also 22 degrees which meant it would be wrong not to reach for a dress – but then what shoes? Heels do not go down well in a stadium of over 50,000 passionate teenage girls.

Here’s what I opted for.

This cute, frill playsuit was an absolute steal at £36 from River Island. It’s girly, bright, and not too OTT for a gig, but also still fine to wear to a bar.

When it came to shoes, I thought about sandals – then I thought ‘nope’. I do not want black toes for the rest of the summer.

I threw a pair of white pumps in the washer and hoped they’d come out gleaming. Thankfully, they did.

These cost me just £20 from New Look.

I know people get hung up on wearing designer trainers, but I think when you’re trying to rock them with a feminine outfit – a nike tick just isn’t appropriate. And lets face it, I can’t afford a pair of LV’s.

I wore some anklets I bought from Primark for £3 to finish the look off. I think these added a touch of boho which I really liked.

When it came to my hair I wanted to keep it simple, nothing too fussy and nothing that was hard to maintain throughout the night.

I recently bought a GHD wave stick which is AMAZING. It cost £120 from Selfridges but it gives a really soft, natural look – a bit like beach waves.

It takes no time at all, as you can use really large sections of your hair, and I didn’t even have to section it.

I’m pretty set in my ways when it comes to makeup. I’ve used the same products for over three years.

On my skin, I used MAC strobe cream as a primer, which gives a soft, dewy glow. I really recommend it if you have dull or dry skin.

Then I used Clinique Beyond Perfect foundation. This is quite thick so you don’t really need to use a lot.

Under my eyes I use MAC Pro Longwear concealer. I always give this a few minutes to set in my skin before blending – and it literally makes my dark circles vanish.

On my lips, I always use the same lipstick – and surprisingly it’s a Rimmel product. I must admit I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to using high street cosmetics, but this shade is perfect for me and no other lipstick looks as good.

It’s called ‘Heather Shimmer’ and is literally about a fiver.

I have quite big eyes, so I like to accentuate them with winged eyeliner. It’s taken me years to master this – but I think I’m finally about there. I finish off with a layer of mascara, which is from Benefit.

I love accessories but I’m always conscious of going overboard, especially when wearing prints.

I wore my favourite personalised necklace. It’s from a brand called Sipsmiths I found in Selfridges.

You choose what words/letters you want to be engraved on the gold bar and pick from a collection of hearts, stars, and shapes to add on.

The necklace cost me around £90, but it can be cheaper if you choose a smaller bar.

We had the best night! Check out my insta for some Tay Tay footage @ thelunarbabe

My pumps didn’t quite survive though….

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